Stroke Mechanics

Stroke Mechanics

The instructions below will help you learn the basic elements of correct golf stroke mechanics, to maximize its strength and accuracy. Improving golf shots requires long practice. Do not be discouraged by the fact that at first not everything will work out for you. Show perseverance, and you will begin to get real professional strikes quickly enough.

How To Do Golf Strokes

  1. Pick a club. Depending on the type of the shot, it is necessary to decide which club to use in this case: wooden or metal, wedge-shaped club – a chipper or a short club – putter. Wooden ones are used for long shots, metal for precise and high shots, chippers for high but short distances, putters are for sand or high grass.
  2. Stand in the starting position so as to see the imaginary line of the ball and the goal.
  3. How to hold a stick.
  4. A right hand player should do the following:

    Take the club with your left hand, about a centimeter from its end. Grip it with your fingers firmly so that the thumb is pointing along the club to its hook. Wrap it below the grip of your left hand with your right hand, so that the little finger of your right hand is on top of your left index finger and the ring finger of your right hand touches the thumb of your left hand. The thumb and index fingers of the right hand should be arranged in the form of a letter V, so that their ends are directed along the handle to its hook.

    Left-handers should make an amendment to this, not forgetting the “mirror” position of the legs.

  5. Take a stand. Put your feet together so that your toes are pointing towards the ball. After that, settle down more comfortably, with your feet slightly apart, continuing to keep them parallel. The ball should be placed on the line passing in the middle of the feet, or slightly closer to the leg, slightly advanced.
  6. Take the starting position. Bend your knees and hips slightly, keeping your back straight. You must maintain a stable balance, body weight should fall mainly on the heels, and your hands – to hang down without tension.
  7. Targeting. Bring the club to the ball and repeat the initial movements of the swing several times without touching the ball. Start the swing. When you are ready, start pulling the club away from the ball. Holding your left hand out as far as possible, lift it back up as far as possible. At this stage, the club should be over your head, located almost parallel to the ground. The body should be slightly folded back, the left leg is slightly bent inward, the body weight falls on the right leg, and the left hand should be positioned so that your elbow looks at the ball. Try to practice the backswing using only your left hand. It should be the weight of the club, and the right hand should only help keep the club in balance. For this, the left hand must be strong. Resist the temptation to strike with your right hand only.
  8. Start striking. Starting the blow, fix the ball constantly. First of all, transfer the weight forward to the left foot, that is, carry out the steps of a swing in the reverse order. After the legs have assumed the position that was the initial one during the backswing, make direct movements of the blow, straightening the arms and moving them to the lower position – to the right knee. In this case, the club should be closer to the body than in the backswing, which is performed with a straightened back.
  9. Touching the ball. Continuing the stroke, direct the stick with your left hand, giving it a powerful impulse with your right hand. The moment you touch the ball, your left hand should be extended and stretched forward, and the index finger of your right hand should point directly at the ball.
  10. Make the final movements. After striking the ball, try to lift the club over your head as quickly as possible. Straighten your right arm and complete the blow so that the club takes up a position perpendicular to the ground. In this case, the weight of the body should be transferred to the left leg, and the right leg, slightly bent, should rest on the ground with a toe.
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