Each-Way Golf Betting: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Each-Way Golf Betting: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Picking the winner of a professional golf tournament is quite tricky—you will find so many great players to choose from. Additionally, you will also have to consider a lot of variables on the golf course and many other things that determine the winners week after week. But, there is another way to wager on the sport that provides the bettor with a lot more options, and more chances of winning. Below, we explain each way betting to you.

Each-way betting will allow you to gamble on a player, not only to win but also ‘place’ them; this means placing the player on the top number places, like four or five, which is the exact number that is yet to be determined by the sportsbook.

While the odds of wagering on a player to win are not so high, you still have a greater chance of cashing in. This way, you can reduce the overall risk and even gather some decent winnings on the links.

What Is Each-Way Bet?

So, what is a each way bet? An each-way wager divides the stake into two different wagers. One is the winning stake, while the other is the placing stake. For placing an each-way wager, you will have to increase your stakes two-fold – for instance, if you want to place £5 each way on a particular golfer, the total stake will round off to £10.

This particular wagering format is popular with ante-post or longer odds betting each way. The terms of each-way wagering will vary and will depend on a wide range of factors; however, the typical situation is the 1/5, top 3. If your selection wins, you will be rewarded with the standard odds and 1/5th of the odds of the stake.

An average event can host up to 140 players and offer massive prices for golf punters. Similar to other sports, there are favorites, mid-level, and outsiders to select from. Post the Tiger Woods era, and you will hardly find a golfer that let go of less than 4.0 on any outright tournament win. This way, even the favorites stand to offer some value.

How Does Each Way Betting Work?

What does each way mean, and how do you make a wager? You will first have to look for a player that can potentially win the tournament and back him up. Now, there are two ways by which you can do this – first, you can put your money on them to win outright, or you can choose to place an each-way wager.

If you opt for the each-way stake, you will find yourself with a payoff of a quarter of the original wager, which is if the player finishes within the top five of the tournament (but does not win).

For example, if your player had the odds of 8/1 and finishes in third place, you will be paid 2/1 of your original stake. Very often, bookmakers will increase the number of places to receive an additional payout to entice and attract customers during major golfing tournaments.

An Each Way Bet From Start To Finish

The proper steps of how does each way bet work are mentioned below.

  1. You need to make a selection and decide on how much you wish to put money each way.
  2. You need to place a winning stake on the golfer to finish the tournament.
  3. Next, you have to make the place bet on the same player to either win or finish in specific locations; the most probable places include the top five, depending on the bookmaker
  4. All the wagers need to have an equivalent stake. For instance, the total stake of £20 means that the each-way wager is £10.
  5. The each way odds of the place bet are calculated as a fraction of the winning selection odds: 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2.
  6. The fractional odds and the number of specified spots will be decided according to the event, sport, and the bookmaker; hence, you must read the terms and conditions first.
  7. If both your bets finish in the first place, you can expect a profitable return. On the other hand, if your selection fails to land the first spot, you lose the win part of the bet.
  8. If the golfer finishes on one of the specified spots, you can expect a return from the place part of the wager.

Mastering Golf’s Each-Way Betting Market

Apart from e/w betting on the potential winner of the tournament, you will find a wide range of other markets. You can make wagers on a player to win his 3-ball group. Also, you can put money on a player to finish the highest among players from the same country.

For example, Lee Westwood finishing as the top British at the US Masters, was quite a trendy wager. Similarly, there are a lot of different specials that you can consider, like the length of the winner’s final shot, eagles, holes-in-one, playoffs, etc.

Watch Player Form

Each way betting also acts as a type of insurance, especially when participating in more prominent events like Masters betting and PGA Tour betting. For instance, in the 2015 Masters, Justin Rose carried the odds of 20/1 to win and 5/1 each-way. This means that the bettor could land around £250 on a pair of £10 wagers that Justin slipped on the green jacket.

Additionally, Rose landed the third spot that year; however, the bettor could still have earned £50, which is more than the double of his actual investment.

Hence, you must shop around and take a look at different sportsbooks that can offer different terms and odds in the each-way wager. You need to look for a book that provides the top five places in each-way betting to that you have a better advantage over a book that offers only the top four.

You also need to be wary of the player’s form when he enters the tournament. If the golfer is still facing some personal issues or battling an injury, his past performances might be rendered irrelevant.

Look For Value

When it comes to each way bet golf, it is always vital that you research the player first. It is quite easy to find the number of the player who finished within the top five at a particular event or season and can prove to be an invaluable guide in this type of betting.

You also need to look at the average finish of the golfer in separate tournaments. For instance, Jordan Spieth’s average finish capped at 3.8 at the Masters; this makes him a strong candidate for the Augusta National. However, his odds might not be as tough as other players.

The ultimate goal in each-way betting is to find the value, similar to other forms of betting. You can easily refer to materials about golf online. Each-way wagering offers a wide range of probable betting nominees, thereby allowing the punter to dig much more profound and look for rewarding finds for the tournament that week.


Each-way betting can also be found in many different types of sports, including horse-racing, football, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, snooker, darts, tennis, etc. However, golf is one of the most popular sports to wager on. With the help of the article above, you will be able to understand how to work out an each way bet and take your chances accordingly.

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